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Annotation Log#13

I’m watching a hilarious movie and I NEED to share the timestamp of the moment I fell of my chair or my cat knocked the bucket of popcorn. I would love an annotation log under a movie where I am able to do that and share the moment ASAP! Friends can see your train (or, “thread”) of thought.

Another stat over a large pool of user data: It would show an overall graph of spikes/dips in engagement of the movie based on annotations. A useful statistic for moviegoers to see what triggered the most reaction and why! (the ROFL moment; the wildest jumpscare; the snoozefest; the academy award winner performace; the best needle drop). Maybe using emoji reactions. GIFS!

For reference take a look at Soundcloud’s feature of annotation and parts of the song that made listeners react! Also, YouTube has a feature to see most “replayed” moments and other highlights. Wattpad as well has a moment to comment under exciting chapters and highlighted sentences. People are obsessed with what other people are thinking of the same moment! A forum to upvote relatability is a useful feature. Probably works best in an app for the mobile user to watch their movie from their TV or laptop.

2 years ago