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Multiple Accounts/Profiles & Maintain Privacy#12

I need my privacy! An account dedicated to my circle of family, in real life friends and co-workers etc. + an account dedicated to online friends. Toggle overlap/no overlap. If there is a follower/following or forum, choose to allow who can see it. Strangers will never be able to see the private circle of friends and their names, but everyone can see my watchlist and rankings etc.

For example: On Letterboxd, I want everyone to see my watchlist and interests, but I don’t want to share my letterboxd page that strangers can access to be able to see my private circle of friends and family. I want to control the degree of anonymity and privacy and categorize.

Twitter has a close-friends feature that is effective in that sense but the followers/following is public. It also shows a profile picture in the bio that I would want to change depending who is viewing (on my close friends whitelist versus. stranger).

2 years ago